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Aulora pants

Aulora pants review by Sherry πŸ”

DCA Sherry and Brian from BE International

Hi, welcome to our website, we are Sherry and Brian. Currently we are Diamond Council Ambassador of BE International. We have joint BE International since June 2018, we have serves hundreds of customers from all over Malaysia and overseas countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland etc. We have good experience in this magical pants, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to purchase. Thank you!

Aulora pants unboxing video πŸ‘‡

Please take a look on how the pants look before you make your decision to buy.

BE International headquarter in Bukit Jalil
This is the new headquarter
BE International address is C-20-G, Jalil Link 2, No. 5, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1,
Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

A brief history about Aulora Kodenshi pants and the company behind this magical pants ✨

This amazing pants was introduced to the market since September 2017 by BE International, a Malaysian company where the new headquarter is located at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

When the the pants first introduced to the Malaysia market, it quickly became very popular and often run out of stock due to super high demand! I still remembered during that period, we experienced several times where we need to wait at least 1 to 2 months time for the stock to ship out from Japan’s factory to Malaysia. This was because the Japan factory wasn’t able to cope up with the sudden surge in demand of Kodenshi pants. BE International founder Mr IR Lee Suet Sen had to travel to Japan factory frequently to discuss on solution. At the end Japan factory invested in more machines to increase the production capacity of the pants.

For your info, this magical pants were sold more than 500,000 pairs in just 20 months after it was launched 😱

Later on BE International expand their business from Malaysia to Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia (Indonesia office is opened in Apr 2021)

commercial video

So, the question is, why is this Aulora Kodenshi pants so popular?

why aulora kodenshi pants is so popular?

The simple answer is, this Kodenshi pants work! It works really well! It delivered the health benefits that we wanted! Without taking medicines, no surgery etc. Just wearing the pants itself is enough to do magic on our health!

Have you noticed?

Whenever you scrolling through Facebook, you might see your friends or public posts where the customers sharing testimonial, it helps them in losing weight effectively without controlling diet or exercises.

Elderly who used to suffer leg pain, back pain, unable to stand or walk properly, is now able to move around freely, no more pain here and there, by just wearing this amazing pants 😱

I know this is too good to be true, but it’s 100% true! 😱

what did you say?

Yes, you heard me right! just wear the Kodenshi pants, it will do magic things to our body, simple as that..

There are tons of Kodenshi pants review all over the Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Customers’ review can’t be wrong, right? πŸ₯°

Besides, have you seen any health products that comes with tons of customer review? I bet you can’t find a product that can fight with this pants πŸ˜…

tell me how!

You must be curious now, why wearing a pants like this will help us regain a good health? πŸ€” What’s inside this?

How does Aulora pants work?

This pants is made from an unique material that is known as Kodenshi from Japan. When we put it on, the fabric touches our skin, then it will absorb our body’s heat and the ceramic particles in the Kodenshi fiber will emit the far infrared rays (FIR) back to our skin, up to 1.5 inches (almost 4 cm) beneath our skin.

information about Kodenshi Fiber
This picture illustrates how the fiber absorb our body temperature, then releases Far Infrared Red back to our skin
story time

Before we go deep dive about the pants, please allow me to share my experience with you πŸ₯°

My story with Aulora Kodenshi pants…

I was suffering leg pain and backache issues for over 2 years since 2016 😡 The places that I always visit were Hospitals and Clinics. However, doctors can’t diagnose the root cause of the problem, they only gave me medicines to relax my muscle, it was just for a short term relieve, the problem is still there πŸ˜”

Then I went for traditional acupuncture sifu that recommended by my friend, I spent around RM 150 once a week for this acupuncture treatment. I went for acupuncture treatment few weeks but it doesn’t seems to help, because my leg pain and backache is still there, I just felt relieve on the first day of acupuncture was done, after that the pain will come back to me again… πŸ˜”

How I get to know about this Aulora pants?

Firstly I want to thank my friend, Amik πŸ™, she is the one that introduced this amazing pants to me 😍

She knew I had leg pain and backache problem, so she dated me out for a drink and share with me about this magical pants. She recommended me must try this Aulora Kodenshi pants, because she also benefited from it.

RCCA Hibbie Tan & DCA Sherry
from left : Hibbie, Amik, Me (Sherry), my daughter and my husband Brian

A brief story about how my friend Amik get to know about it

Amik is about 30+ and has 2 kids, she suffered insomnia for quite a long time. She visited doctors and also did some Chinese traditional medication, but it doesn’t help her at all.

Then she saw BE International’s pants in Facebook, she did some survey via Facebook, then made an appointment with Hibbie (our RCCA upline now) for further discussion about this amazing pants. Amik invested a set of the pants for herself after the discussion with Hibbie.

After wearing Aulora Kodenshi pants for a few days, she can feel GREAT IMPROVEMENT in her sleep quality 😍

She used to wake up several times a night, but now she can enjoy deep sleep until morning πŸ‘

Besides, her stretch mark was reduce a lot (this picture below is from my friend Amik)

aulora pants testimonial Stretch marks (Striae distensae)
You can see how the stretch marks was improved after 2 weeks time

Since my friend Amik is having a very good experience with the pants, so I trusted her, and I invested 1 set for myself.

On the night I collected the pants from her together with Hibbie (for getting know each others) I wear it right after I got back home, and wearing it to sleep 😴


Just like the picture above, magic happen 😱

I just wore it to sleep for 1 night only, in the next morning, my leg pain and backache was gone! OMG! 😱

My husband and I were so shocked 😱, why the pain that has been torturing me for over 2 years, just gone like that?

This amazing pants REALLY WORKS πŸ‘

PS: When I first started to wear the Kodenshi pants, it was tight and a bit hard to put on as it was brand new. After wearing for 2 days, the feeling of tight had turned into comfortable πŸ₯°

After wearing for 2 months, I was shock that my size dropped from 2XL to M 😱, I did not control my diet and I didn’t go for exercise at all. I guess this is the biggest BONUS that I got from it 😍


DCA Sherry's mother benefited from Aulora pants with Kodenshi
My mum and I

Aulora pants review by my mum

This is my mum, she was suffering knee pain after 1 month I wearing the Kodenshi pants. We brought mum to hospital and doctor told us that, they cannot perform gel injection into her knee yet, doctor just gave my mum some pain killer (heavy dose) to ease her pain.

Doctor told my mum only take the pain killer if she feel very pain, but my mum took at least twice painkiller everyday 😡

We were so worry about our mum, we know that taking too much of painkiller will harm my mum’s kidney 😭, but we just do not know what to do 😭

Then I had an idea, why not I buy a set of the pants for my mum to try?

I shared this idea with my husband, I still remembered clearly that he said : “Aiya, your mum having knee pain problem, must get doctor to inject the gel into her knee, then only can solve her knee pain problem. How can the pants help generates the gel in knee?”

Then I talked to my sister about this idea, she agreed to share the cost together, so we bought a set of Aulora Kodenshi pants for mum.

magic gif

Miracle happens again 😍

Does Aulora pants really work?

Yes! this pants really work! After my mum wearing for about 2 days, my mum’s knee pain was gone! She doesn’t have to rely on painkiller anymore! I can see her smile again in her face (before wearing the health pants, she looked sad, painful and pale)

DCA Sherry's mother after wearing aulora kodensh ipants can walk like normal

This picture above is my mum, she’s wearing the Kodenshi pants and can walk and do her work like normal now πŸ₯° We were so surprised to see this miracle happened! Thanks BE International for introducing such amazing technology pants πŸ₯°

DCA Sherry's husband Brian Ong
This is my husband Brian

Aulora pants review by my husband

My husband‘s knee isn’t good all these while…

That night we were at the Desa Parkcity hospital because my daughter admitted due to stomachache problem. At the same time, his knee started to become swollen and feeling pain, he was not able to walk by himself and he needs a stick to walk with πŸ˜₯

Since we were in the hospital, I told my husband to consult doctor and have a check on his knee, but he refused. He knew the Kodenshi pants has helped my mum’s knee problem, so he wanted me to go home and bring my pants for him to wear, because he want to try it for himself.

So I went back home and took my pants for him to wear in hospital. He needs to wear the pants for about 4 to 5 days, then the swollen part slowly reduced and his pain is gone since then. He was amazed with Aulora Kodenshi pants, we have never come across with any products that are highly effective.

Since that day, we decided to start share this AMAZING pants with our friends and family members, we want to help people that are suffering from health problems.

Thanks for reading our story about our journey and experience with pants 😊

thank you gif

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Dr Norinaga Shimizu explained who can be benefited from the Aulora Kodenshi pants in the video below

What is Aulora Kodenshi pants?

This is a body heat preservation pants. The Kodenshi pants’ fiber is blended together with the extremely small / ultrafine ceramics (The diameter of the ultrafine ceramic is just as fine as 0.3 Β΅m) into the fiber to boost the ingestion of Far Infrared Red (FIR) into our body.

When you first look at the pants, it is just like an ordinary black color legging, but in premium quality. You can feel the pants is crafted by high quality material / fiber. It feels soft and comfortable too. It is a new generation of superb quality compression pants, the warmth inside the pants is very comfortable and is 100% natural, as the warmth is came from the person who wore the pants. It absorbs the our body heat and send it back to the our body, which brings a lot of health benefits.

It helps to improve our blood circulation, speed up our metabolism, increases the calories burning inside our body, and help us regain a healthy body.

This pants is 100% designed and made in Japan, fully imported directly from Japan by BE International.

0.3 Β΅m comparation
This image illustrates how tiny is 0.3 Β΅m

Currently we have Kodenshi pants for both women and men. Women’s pants has the effect of slimming the hip part, where Men’s pants doesn’t have this hip slimming effect.

aulora pants women features
aulora pants men features
aulora pants women png
comparison of aulora pants men vs women

The picture above shows the different between both Men and Women. We can see that the men’s kodenshi pants looks a bit rough and more sporty where the women’s pants are designed such a gentle look.

Aulora Kodenshi pants filing reading in English

If you look at the “Better Legs Lead To Healthier Body” booklet, the main benefit of is fast slimming effects, without taking any medical procedures, weight loss pills, dietary control or exercises.

WhatsApp me now to get a copy of e-catalogue

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how to slim

How Aulora Pants can help on slimming?

The secret behind this amazing slimming pants is about the technology of natural Far Infrared Rays (FIR) It is made of a unique fabric known as Kodenshi from Japan.

The manufacturing process of the fabric uses state-of-the-art technology to integrate ultra-fine ceramics particles into wearable fiber.

In general, ceramic stones is a type of natural mineral that will release Far Infrared Rays (FIR) when it is heated.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are waves of energy, it is invisible to human eyes. Rest assure that FIR is 100% natural and safe to human body, FIR can penetrate deep into our skin whilst activating body systems and functions.

Aulora pants testimonial on slimming

The above testimonial on slimming are just the tip of the iceberg, there are tons of testimonial you can find in Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, amazing right?

The testimonials from customers speak thousands of words. 100% trustable review πŸ’―

One of the FIR benefits is the ability to improve our blood circulation, when we have a better blood circulation in our body, it will ensure our body to burn fats and calories faster than ever before.

When our body is burning fats and calories faster, this will lead to better body metabolism rate, resulted in better slimming effect.

That is how our customers experience slimming result by just wearing the pants without having to change their daily dietary or going into the gym room.

aulora pants promotion banner

Aulora pants benefits

The benefits mainly came from the Far Infrared Rays (FIR) released through fiber. Below are the top 7 benefits.

1) Improve blood circulation and skin complexion

  • Far-Infrared expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygen.
  • It also promotes and maintains healthy lung function
  • If sebaceous glands are activated, the accumulated cosmetics in pores can be eliminated through the skin (sweat and oil glands), resulting in clearer skin

2) Strengthens cardiovascular system

  • Far-Infrared can strengthen the cardiovascular system by causing heart rate and cardiac output increase, and diastolic blood pressure decrease – research by NASA in the early 1980s led to the conclusion that far-infrared stimulation of cardiovascular function would be the ideal way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning in American astronauts during long space flight
  • FIR and the gentle tissue warming has also been shown to help improve the β€˜health’ of the cells that line our blood vessels, which if left untreated may increase the risk of heart disorders.

3) Improve detoxification

  • Far-Infrared is excellent for detoxification and helps lymphatic cleansing
  • Scientists in Japan report that in the FIR treatment of clogged capillary vessels, heat expands the capillaries and then initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins.
  • Far-Infrared thereby promotes the elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood: poisons, heavy metals – carcinogenic substances from food processing – lactic acid, free fatty acids, and subcutaneous fat associated with aging and fatigue – excess sodium associated with blood pressure – and uric acid.
  • Where these toxins accumulate, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. Elimination begins when an 8-10 micron Far-Infrared wave is applied to these large water molecules and the water begins to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms that are holding together the molecules of water. As the vibration continues, breakdown of the water molecules occurs and encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released.
far infrared light wave

4) Wound healing

  • Some recent good quality experimental and clinical scientific studies (2003) from Japan have shown FIR to result in more rapid wound healing which was independent of changes in blood flow and skin temperature.
  • FIR helped this healing by stimulating a group of cells called fibroblasts to make more collagen which is a very important part of good wound healing and tissue repair.
  • Furthermore, it supports cell growth, DNA syntheses, and protein synthesis all necessary during tissue repair and regeneration. Excellent for healing burns, scar tissue and skin problems such as acne and skin breakouts – anti-aging effects and lessening/softening of wrinkles due to enhanced collagen production.

5) Relaxation and pain/aches management

  • FIR relieves nervous tension and relaxes auto-neuro muscles thereby helping the body make the most of its intended healing abilities.
  • FIR reduces soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms, as muscle fibres are heated. As a result, rapid reduction of swelling, inflammation and associated pain occurs. Relaxation of muscles and relief of muscular aches – reduces back, shoulder and neck pains.
  • FIR soothes tension and stress in both body and mind.

6) Immunity boosting

  • Far-Infrared strengthens and supports the Immune system by supporting increased production of white blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.
  • β€œNatural killer cells in the immune system are crucial to effective immune defence. Hyperthermia releases a bunch of zytokines and heat shock proteins which make cancer cells more immunogenic that means they are better recognized by the natural killer cells. NK cells are essential in killing virus-infected cells and destroying cancer cells. The nutrients selenium, ß-glycan and zinc increase circulating levels of natural killer cells and boost their cancer-killing activity.” β€“ Extract from an article written by Dr. Friedrich Douwes, Klinic St. Georg, Germany.

7) Cancer support

  • Far-Infrared Thermal Therapy – commonly known as hyperthermia across Europe and Asia – provides support in the destruction of malignant cells which supposedly cannot survive if the temperature of the cell becomes 107.6F/42C and above
  • Hyperthermia is used worldwide by hospitals and thermal oncologists. Here are just a few countries that is can be found in use such as Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungry, Turkey, Iran, India, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan.
  • Hyperthermia is used extensively in Asia and Europe – especially Japan and Germany – but is only fairly recently in comparison, being researched and utilized within the USA, acknowledged and attested to by the American Cancer Association and the National Cancer Institute on their respective websites.
  • Targeting the disease and its macro environment is a modern goal. One of these targets is the blocking of tumor angiogenesis (the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors). Blocking the formation of vessels is slowing down cancer growth, facilitating apoptosis – the programmed cancer cell death – and preventing tumor metastases respectively cancer spread throughout the body.
  • β€œHyperthermia has also a marked anti-angiogenetic effect. The tumor vessels are not as well built as normal capillaries; they are less organized and cannot constrict and relax as normal capillaries. In the early phase of hyperthermia, when the temperature in tumor tissue is rising, the vessels relax to increase the blood flow to the tumor tissue, but as soon as the temperature goes higher then 40Β°C the constriction of the blood flow stops, it comes to formation of microthrombi causing hypoxemia in the cancer tissue, which together with other important mechanisms induce apoptosis and cancer cell death. So hyperthermia is an elegant form of anti-angiogenesis.” β€“ Extract from an article written by Dr. Friedrich Douwes, Klinic St. Georg, Germany – Integrative Cancer Therapy Concept.

What is Kodenshi?

kodenshi banner
kodenshi ceramic fiber

KODENSHI is a ceramic fiber that gives us a higher state of comfort by absorbing the natural far-infrared rays radiating from our own body. This materials are made from a proprietary technology that uniformly embeds fine-grained ceramics into a fiber.

how kodenshi works

How does Kodenshi works?

The energy source that is used to heat up the super ultra-fine ceramic in the Kodenshi material is our own body heat.

Aulora Kodenshi pants touches our skin softly, it will absorb our body heat and the ceramic particles in the fiber will emit the far infrared rays (FIR)

Aulora Pants Awards

The brand has been perceived as one of Malaysia Health and Wellness brands in 2018 & 2019. Being perceived for this honor is an indication of the brand’s is serious in pursuits advance style and wellbeing.

aulora pants & BEFIL received Malaysia Health and Wellness brands in 2018
Aulora pants news paper advertisement about Malaysia Health and Wellness brands in 2018
Malaysia Health and Wellness brands 2018
Aulora set & SHIRUTO received Malaysia Health and Wellness brands in 2019
Malaysia Health and Wellness brands 2019
Aulora pants received Iconic Brand from Sisters magazine
BE International founders receiving Iconic Brand from Sisters magazine

Aulora Kodenshi pants is awarded Iconic Brand (wellness pants) from SISTERS Magazine 2019

Is BE International Marketing a reliable company?

Yes! The company is reliable and trustworthy!

BE International Marketing Sdn Bhd is recognized as a certified ISO 9001:2015 company.

It is very meaningful for a 4 years old company that achieve this milestone.

This means that BE International operates to the highest quality standards and all regulatory requirements are met for our products, services and operation.

We will continually strive to maintain and improve on these standards to bring the maximum satisfaction to our IBO and customers!

BE International is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company
BE International Marketing Sdn Bhd is recognized as a certified ISO 9001:2015 company

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Top 7 Aulora pants benefits

1. Improve Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation is a fundamental feature of good health. The pants can help to improve our blood circulation and increase calories burning when we are walking or running.

As per the product catalog, what does it mean by β€œHealthier Legs Lead To Healthier Body”?

blood circulation in human body

Most of the people are not aware that our body actually has 2 hearts.

Our first heart is within our chest and pumps blood with oxygen which travels through arteries to reach all over our body.

But in order for the blood to travel back to our heart, it requires our calf muscle as a secondary heart to pump the blood back to our heart. This is achieved through the contraction of our calf muscle when we are walking or running.

Therefore, if our leg is healthy, then our second heart is healthy too, which means we are having a healthy blood circulation system.

Below are the health benefits that we will get, if our blood circulation system is in tip top condition :

  • Reduce fats accumulation
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Reduce varicose veins on our legs
  • Reduce muscle and joint pain
  • Reduce bloating
  • Reduce abdominal displeasure during menstruation

2. Unique weaving and stitching methods

Aulora Kodenshi pants is crafted with Japanese ergonomics technology, the weaving pattern of the pants is from bottom to top to lift up and push up muscles. When we wear the pants, it makes us look thinner without scarify the body movement flexibility.

Each section of the pants’ design promises a functional effects such as lifting the hips (butt lifting), tightening women’s pelvis, flattening our most hated fat tummy.

These individual section of the pants has to be manually hand cut by skilled and experienced workers in our Japan factory. These separate sections are then carefully stitched together using medical grade knitting machine in a ISO:9001 Japan Quality Certified factory.

medical grade knitting machine

3. Strong pressure for pelvis correction

Women who just gave birth should be wearing Aulora Kodenshi pants during her confinement for best slimming results. The pants is designed to be able to smaller women’s pelvis, thanks to the Japanese high tech engineering

4. The best fabric material

The Japanese designers of the kodenshi pants have spent a lot time to engineer the pants to be as light and thin as possible without scarifying durability and functionality of the pants. The end result is a pants material which is super light, thin, highly breathable and super smooth for touching. The material also does not rustle as you move.

5. Airy

The fiber is soft and comfortable, besides it evaporates sweat fast. If you are wearing it in a hot countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore or Brunei, you will be amazed that your leg will not feel hot, but your leg will feel a cooling breeze from time to time. Most amazingly, kodenshi pants is anti-bacterial and anti-odor, it ensure all time cleanliness and odorless experience, thanks to the Japanese high technology.

6. 100% made in Japan

This pants is 100% designed and made in Japan. It is highly effective and superb high quality imported product. It offers superb value for your money spent compared to other expensive compression pants in the market that doesn’t bring great health benefits like how Aulora Kodenshi pants does.

7. Works well with any colour outfits

The classic black Kodenshi pants is super easy to mix and match with our daily dresses. We highly recommended to wear it during your workout / exercises, as it helps to minimize muscle pain and speed up muscle recovery.

If you need a few thoughts about the best way to match your Aulora Kodenshi pants with your outfit? Check out the images below where our models wearing it during a fashion show.

aulora pants fashion show

aulora pants testimonial

The main reason why this pants can improves many types of health issues is because Kodenshi fiber promotes blood circulation by increase our blood flow, especially our legs and joints. As a result, the synovial membrane is exposed to a steady supply of nourishing oxygen and nutrients to the joints needed. Hence making our legs feeling lighter, better energy and pain relieved.

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Aulora Kodenshi Pants is Clinically Proven

1. Sustain Body Temperature

The picture below shows that, the body temperature of a wearer will be able to retain body heat longer time if compared to people that did not wear kodenshi pants. The test below is 20 mins after taking off the under wear, the body surface’s temperature that wore Kodenshi is higher than the common material.

Aulora pants with Kodenshi Sustain Body Temperature

2. Boost Immune System Function

Secretory immunoglobulin A is an antibody that plays an important role in the immune system. Salivary immunoglobulin level was significantly increased. Changes in SIgA (secretory immunoglobulin A) / protein concentration

Aulora pants with Kodenshi Boost Immune System Function

3. Improves Antioxidant Capability

The antioxidative activities were increased and active oxygen were reduced.

Changes in serum anti-oxidative activities

Aulora pants with Kodenshi Improves Antioxidant Capability

Reduction rate of serum active oxygen

4. Improves Sleep Quality

The sleep latency was evaluated by reading the brainwave. The sleep latency was shortened in Kodenshi group than the common material group.

% shortening of sleep latency

Aulora pants with Kodenshi Improves Sleep Quality

5. Reduces Physical and Mental Fatigue

The questionnaire method of central fatigue scale is used to evaluate mental and physical separately. It reduced the index of both physical and mental fatigue. Index of mental fatigue.

Aulora pants with Kodenshi Reduces Physical and Mental Fatigue

Doctor’s Recognition on Aulora pants

Dr. Koichiro Ohnuki

Dr. Koichiro Ohnuki
Kinki University, School of Industrial Science and Engineering, Department of Bioenvironmental Chemistry

Food that warms the body is called β€œonshoku” that has various effects besides enhancing energy metabolism. To Keep your body warm, clothing is the most important factor! Regarding slimming, wearing undergarment made with Kodenshi material was more effective then any diet food.

Dr. Akitaka Tagami

Dr. Akitaka Tagami
Dr Tagami Clinic

In our clinic, we have introduced a far infrared semi-bath system to warm the lower body. It helps to balance body temperature, promote systemic blood circulation and metabolism, relax the muscles and joints by warming the lower body. By wearing daily is also effective for prevention and improvement of cooling diseases and coldness.

aulora pants promotion banner

Aulora pants testimonial for other health issues

More than thousands of testimonial were collected since it was launched in Sept 2017. The customers’ results are amazing and touching, that is why our brand AULORA goes viral in just a short period of time. Many customers willing to share their pleasant experience with Aulora Kodenshi pants online because they want to help everyone who are suffering health problems. Some of the health problems such as menstrual pain, back pain, knee pain, insomnia, water retention, fibroid, sciatica and etc are improved by wearing Aulora Kodenshi for as short as 3 days!

Aulora pants size

Aulora pants size chart

The picture above is the size chart for Female and Male version.

How to wear Aulora pants?

How to wash Aulora pants?

How to wash Aulora pants

Please refer to the above instruction on how to wash the pants and how to take care of it for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q : What is Aulora Pants?

A : It is an advance technology pants from the Aulora series by BE International. The basic concept is, it absorbs our body temperature, then releases far infrared ray into our body, this helps to increase our metabolism and induce an active slimming effect.

Q : Why everyone should wear Aulora Kodenshi pants?

A : Firstly we should be aware that legs are our second heart. Our lower part of the body acts as an important role in blood circulation. Due to our human nature, we walk using both legs, hence the blood from lower body is facing difficulty to route back to upper body, heart.

To help our blood flow back to our heart, it requires the calf muscle to pump the blood back to the heart. Where Aulora Kodenshi pants is effective in getting the blood flow back to our heart from legs.

Q : How long does Aulora pants last?

A : This is a premium product made by Japanese where it will be durable as long as you follow our company’s suggested way in taking care of it.

Q : This pants is made of what?

A : The pants is made of Kodenshi Fiber. It is a state-of-the-art technology that integrate ultra-fine ceramics (diameter 0.3ΞΌm) into fiber to enhance the absorption of far infrared rays that benefits our health.

Q : Other than pants, dooes BE International has others garment?

A : Yes we do, below are the Aulora series by BE International

  • Kodenshi Basic Top (black t-shirt)
  • Kodenshi Socks
  • Kodenshi Panties & Boxer

Q : Aulora Kodenshi pants side effects

Rest assure, Kodenshi pants is 100% safe, no side effects at all. Firstly, this product is made in Japan, a high tech country that well known of producing the TOP health product! Besides, this pants is made of Kodenshi fiber, which is 100% naturally safe to our skin. This fiber will release Far Infra Rays into our skin that promote various health benefits (testimonials are every where in the social media) Conclusion is this pants doesn’t have any side effects at all πŸ™‚

Q : Aulora pants price

A : We are not allow to reveal the product price online, please contact me for the price & catalogue πŸ™‚

Q : Is there member price?

A : There is a different for retail price and member price, you just have to signup as a member (member fees RM60), you’ll get to enjoy member price on all our amazing products.

Q : Is there any promotion?

A : There is a on going promotion, where you purchase 2 pieces of Kodenshi pants (same size), there is a mystery gift.
PS : Please contact me to find out about the latest promotion

Q : Is there any Aulora kodenshi pants bad review?

A : Throughout my journey with BE International, I have not seen any bad review, if there are bad reviews, I believe the products will be super hard to sell. Luckily our product is is really good and really helps a lot of people, hence we are still selling good in the market.

Q : Can i wear Aulora Kodenshi pants to sleep?

A : Yes, you can wear to sleep, it’s absolutely fine to do so. Wearing it to sleep to help you to fall asleep deeply and soundly without getting up in the middle of the night.

Q : How to buy Aulora Pants?

A : This is an exclusive product by BE International for their registered members. Please click this link to WhatsApp me now πŸ‘‰

DCA Sherr Liew from BE International

Who am I?

My name is Sherry Liew, I’m a Diamond Council Ambassador (DCA) in BE International. I’ve been with the company since June 2018. I’ve sold a lot to customers all over Malaysia and many overseas countries.

If you would like to know more about our products, feel free to click the button below to WhatsApp me πŸ™‚

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BE healthy together - aulora kodenshi pants by BE International